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Hustlaball Award for WILD BREED

Thankyou to the judges at the Hustlaball Awards in Berlin for awarding the prize for best group scene (US) to the Woodland Cruising scene in WILD BREED. It’s awesome to see recognition for the role of “real” real sex in porn (obviously it’s all real, but I think most would agree that this is particularly raw).

The scene came from a lot of traipsing around Hampstead Heath in the dark with Luke – the most patient cumslut in London, followed by some outstanding editing by Damon Dogg who distilled the sex from hours of shadowy tree-branches, all overseen by our boss and personality-cult anti-hero Paul Morris. Thankyou to all of you from the heart of my bottom.

Twitter butts

This week my dick has been twitching at these pictures posted on twitter. The image above is from Paul Morris’s photography site, posted by Treasure Island Media’s behind-the-camera guy Gehno, who tweets:

gehnosanchezTIM: I totally remember tying this guy up for a shoot! It took all of me to not go down on that perfect ass.

That perfect ass was followed today by the one below. This jock-clad peach belongs to Kaleb Scott who posted it on twitter while he was “bored waiting for Fed-Ex man”. If that glimpse of ass isn’t enough for you, Kaleb Scott can be seen choking on cock in Skull Fuck.

Paul Morris’s photographs

Man-sex maverick, evil genius, my boss, Paul Morris has made a website for his photographs of men. Here are a few highlights. Check out the site for more pictures, accompanied by Paul’s descriptions of the guys, which always make interesting reading.

Suck Dick, Save the World: Pre-release scene

It’s that cocksucking drawing again, this time gracing the temporary* cover design for Paul Morris’s new cum-swallowing video Suck Dick, Save the World, due for release very soon. A pre-release scene is already available to download here.

*I don’t actually know that this cover design is only temporary, but I’m guessing it’s temporary because the image file name is “SDSTH_Temp_Cover.jpg”.

Happy Birthday Paul Morris (yesterday)

Yesterday was Paul Morris‘s birthday. I wanted to make a video for him, and spent the weekend working on it, but unfortunately it didn’t come out well so in the end I didn’t send it. Sorry Paul, I’ll do better next year.

One of the difficulties was a new toy – the video projector I was using to create a (very) old-fashioned ‘special effect’. The image above was meant to look like I’m inside a building at night, looking out of a window (click on it to see full size). I’m still figuring out how to use projection in conjunction with other lighting. I don’t know if these pictures show the process, or the intended result, but here they are anyway.

Of course, like every failed effort, it was followed by the usual neurotic torrent of negative thoughts, from the pretentious “I have no talent” to the old melodramatic classics “I hate myself” and “I’m wasting my life” (thanks, inner-critic, for those measured insights). Still, nothing beats the blues like venting, and having written this I feel better already. My mood was also helped by calling Paul Morris himself who is always interesting to talk to, despite (or because of?) being unhinged and evil. Happy Birthday PM.