Drugs get straight guys into gay sex.

In 2008, gay.com ran an article titled “Gay Sex and Crystal Meth”. The article is no longer on their site, but there are 26 comments on it here: http://www.topix.com/forum/news/drugs/TPGC0I42GLEDST4AC

Most of the comments are from straight guys who got into gay sex while they were high. Here are some examples.

“I don’t do gay sex any more, but when high on cocaine by injection, if I had a partner, I’d blow him, and on meth I really get some fantasies going about gay sex.”

“omg I have such strong urges to go down on guys when I use meth! thought I was crazy but guess I’m not the only one huh?”

“I’m str8 but the 1st time I did an injection I sat there on the edge of a hotel bed in front of 5 or 6 people feeling SOO good that I rubbed myself through my jeans in a super aroused state and let the guy who shot me up take his pants off walk up till his crotch was in my face and tell me he was about to put his cock in my mouth as I kissed it through his underwear, and then let him slide it in and pump my mouth briefly until i felt & tasted cuuum squirting and omg i LOVED it but felt so embarrassed later????”

“Well, I’m straight but whenever I do speed it makes me SO horny I start thinking about and secretly wanting to do taboo bisexual things like mutual masturbation 0r performing oral on each other…”

“Crystal Meth sex can be out of this world. It is also known as ‘Queer Juice’. It does make people do things sexually that they wouldn’t have done normally. I’ve never done anything with a guy, but I have let women use different toys on me from vibrators to dildos to strap ons.”

“OMG i totaly fucking know what your going through i just started doin it a few weeks ago and i have been like 100% straight my entire life. i was always the jock and truthfully bit of a man whore for real i effin love bitches and never even thought about doing ANYTHING w a guy like not even a chance and i just got back from a guys house who got me soooo messed up and we ended up doing sum various “things” and we have done small stuff before on it and after i sober up i feel a lil ashamed so i kno wat ur sayin bro its effin weird huh?”

“I’m a silent gay, my friend is a straight married man, he loves meth so much, he let me suck his cock when we are under meth.. fact about that meth made me horny but took me ages to ejaculate, but on his side when i give him a head his cock rock so hard and ejaculate too fast. damn!!!”

“Nope….your not alone. went on a fishing trip with my brother in law, which we do all the time. only this time we decided to get high as hell. Before the sun came up we went from watching big breasted women porn to “accidental” buddies experimenting porn…to taking turns sucking and stroking each others very horny cocks. I even let his cock spurt all over my face.”

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  1. will says:

    i was 11, my friends dad smoked alot of meth with me,showed me porn, pulled my shorts off,rimmed my ass and tied me up, i wanted to suck his big cock i let friends stuff me,lewd nasty sex

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